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  • Why choose WebHostingBuzz for reseller hosting?

    Posted on 07 Aug 2012 by Alan Burns

    Once you settle on reseller hosting, you’ll need to find a web host. Make that decision carefully, as the quality of hosting service can make a huge difference to your experience. While reseller hosting used to be a specialty service,...read more

  • Is cPanel / WebHost Manager the best control panel for reseller hosting?

    cPanel interface

    Posted on 17 Jul 2012 by Alan Burns

    If you’ve read my previous articles, such as Should I choose reseller hosting to host multiple websites?, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of reseller hosting. Shared hosting is fine for a single web site, but once you have ...read more

  • Should I choose reseller hosting to host multiple websites?

    WHM nameservers

    Posted on 09 Jul 2012 by Alan Burns

    You start with one web site, running in a shared hosting account. Then you add another web site, in another shared hosting account. Soon you add another site, perhaps for a friend or a club you help run. At some point you wonder if there...read more

  • Should I choose cPanel for my VPS?

    WebHost Manager main interface

    Posted on 28 Jun 2012 by Alan Burns

    My last post, The benefits of a Linux VPS, described why you may want a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) for your hosting needs. Once you settle on a VPS, you’ll need to make a decision on which control panel you prefer. You’l...read more

  • The benefits of a Linux VPS

    WHM main screen

    Posted on 20 Jun 2012 by Alan Burns

    Your business has outgrown its shared web hosting or reseller hosting plan, but you’re not quite ready for the leap to a dedicated server. What to do? Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is the answer. Linux VPS hosting has bec...read more

  • Ultrabooks are coming

    Posted on 15 Jul 2011 by Alan Burns

    Just when you thought you had the mobile computer market figured out, another category is about to appear. Laptops, netbooks, and tablets will soon be joined by the newest type of mobile computer: ultrabooks. Intel trademarked the term R...read more

  • Lazy users make it easy for mobile phone hackers

    Posted on 12 Jul 2011 by Alan Burns

    The News of the World scandal has turned a spotlight on telephone security. Surprisingly, it’s often easy to hack into phones and voice mail because owners make it easy. Owners often don’t enable or update their security. “...read more

  • Quick jump to cPanel accounts after reseller login

    Posted on 10 Jul 2011 by Alan Burns

    My last article explained that a cPanel reseller password provides access to any client account without need for the client account’s own password. That makes life simpler for us resellers. There’s another benefit of that featur...read more

  • Single reseller login manages all cPanel accounts

    Posted on 07 Jul 2011 by Alan Burns

    As I’ve said before, if you have more than a couple of domains reseller hosting is much better than standard shared hosting. Here’s another reason: you can reduce your logins. The cPanel reseller password, the same one used to l...read more

  • Taking my music player on the road

    Digipower iPod Navigator

    Posted on 05 Jul 2011 by Alan Burns

    I have plenty of good music on my iPod, and I have a decent car stereo. I had been seeking a way to combine the two. While many new cars include a port for connecting a music player, my 16-year-old car has no such feature. I’m very pl...read more

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