Why An SSL Certificate is Important for SEO Reasons

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Adam

Whilst SSL Certificates were once just something e-commerce sites would use, there’s now a new reason to buy an SSL for your you haven’t already heard, Google recently announced that they’ll finally be giving websites which use SSL Certificates (enabling HTTPS) a small boost in rankings.

Whilst these will only have a small impact on rankings, it is thought that over time Google will offer a more substantial boost.

A benefit is that the boost will be given in real-time, so you’ll reap the benefits right away, rather than having to wait for
One key point to note is that to get the full benefit, you should enable ‘Always On’ HTTPS, to make sure that every page on your website automatically redirects to using HTTPS, even if the user requests the page in standard HTTP form.

So be sure to purchase an SSL Certificate before all of your competitors do, otherwise you may find yourself dropping in rankings as your competitors adopt HTTPS.

With our SSL Certificates starting from just $12.95/year, even if you only have a small website or personal blog, adding an SSL will give you a little boost.

All this said, you should also make sure the more important ranking factors are considered too, such as making sure you have plenty of high quality, unique content across your website.

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