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Here are our July 2011 uptime figures as recorded by our external monitoring service.
rs1.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs10.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs11.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs12.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs14.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs15.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs16.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs17.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs2.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs21.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs22.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs23.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs3.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs32.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs4.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs5.abstractdns.com 99.425%
rs6.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs7.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs8.abstractdns.com 100.000%
rs9.abstractdns.com 100.000%
asteroid2.whbdns.com 100.000%
business2.whbdns.com 99.215%
buzz1.whbdns.com 100.000%
buzz2.whbdns.com 100.000%
buzz4.whbdns.com 100.000%
buzzsg1.whbdns.com 100.000%
buzzsg2.whbdns.com 100.000%
buzzsg4.whbdns.com 100.000%
galaxy2.whbdns.com 100.000%
intense1.whbdns.com 100.000%
panda.whbdns.com 100.000%
sd1.whbdns.com 100.000%
server01.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server02.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server03.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server04.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server05.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server21.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server22.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server23.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server24.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server25.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
server26.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
shared6.whbdns.com 100.000%
shared7.whbdns.com 99.964%
shared8.whbdns.com 100.000%
shared9.whbdns.com 100.000%
ss1.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
ss2.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
ss3.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
ss4.webhostingbuzz.com 100.000%
zeus.whbdns.com_new 99.686%


Our green commitment – sponsoring the International Tree Foundation

As you know, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We were one of, if not, the first shared / reseller / vps web hosting companies to become carbon neutral back in 2007. Many competitors copied our lead. Back then, we identified the best way of combatting our carbon output by sponsoring a charity who truly cares about the environment. We wanted an organisation that wasn’t interested in making profits by selling carbon credits (how often have you seen this?!). We chose the International Tree Foundation, more commonly known as the ITF.

The ITF has started sending a monthly newsletter highlighting the work that they do. We’ve decided to share this newsletter with you because we’re so proud to be a sponsor of such a good cause.

Dear sponsor,
As a valued corporate sponsor I’d like to bring you up to date on some of our projects. Below you will find a number of new projects that we have recently set up partly using your money.

This funding round received an overwhelming number of applications, almost three times the usual number and the general standard of project proposal was very high. We have been able to extend our work in Malawi with two biodiversity focused projects, one on a particularly endangered island on Lake Malawi. We are also pleased to be able to offer repeat funding to CMS in Sudan and Evergreen in Malawi. As these projects develop we will bring you up to date on progress.

I’d also like to remind you to sign up for your widget (see below) which is exclusively available to our corprate sponsors for use on your website.

Many thanks again for your support and I hope this update conveys how important your funding is to us and our beneficiaries. If you’d like tosign up for your widget or get in touch for any other reason please email me.

Best regards

Lorraine Dunk

Newly funded projects
All of our newly funded projects are listed below, we will being you updates over the coming months and years.

British Consultancy Charitable Trust (BCCT)
Forestry Development and Education in Lamwo District, Northern Uganda.

This project aims are to establish a softwood tree nursery to prepare for a major outreach programme where ‘packages’ of demonstrable sustainable practices are supported by a widespread educational programme in the sustainable use of trees for building, in addition to fruit trees for income and diet. BCCT part of the new Agro International Vocational Institute (AIVI), which was created to help c230,000 Internally Displaced People (IDP) to attain sustainable livelihoods in agriculture and supportive building trades after 20 years of total dependency in ‘Protected Camps’ during the war.

Gathering for Community Workshop on Tree Management

Our Lady of Mercy Community Services (OLAM)
Rural Community Forestry in Navrongo, Upper East Region, Northern Ghana

The project goal is to improve family incomes and livelihoods and to contribute to the improvement of the environment in the region through reforestation. This will be done through the purchase of Mango tree saplings which will then be planted in rural areas. The economic benefits of the fruit and wood trees will motivate the beneficiaries to continue to own, maintain and sustain them for future returns. The beneficiaries of this project will be rural women and youths, local groups, associations and farmers.

Development Concern Centre
Tree Protection through Bee Keeping at Bagliga in Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana

The project aims to train 30 women on improved bee keeping, construct thirty bee hives for the target women and provide protective clothes. Bee hives will be placed in the protection of the local community, train individuals not to fell trees for sale, but to sell the honey. The project will also plant trees on river banks, combat bush fires and protect trees.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre
Green and Clean project in Lilongwe, Malawi

This project has been developed by local communities and People and Wildlife (PAW) Clubs. The project aims to establish and promote tree planting and conservation of forest resources. Community run Woodlots that can be sustainably utilised for fuel, timber, food and medicines. Environmental education awareness workshops in management of woodlands and soils/water will also be provided. The project will also rehabilitate eroded riverside areas, establish community briquette making enterprises and train beneficiaries to self-manage their sustainable fuel enterprises.

Tree Nursery Management

Cluny Wildlife Trust
Improvement of livelihoods of Rural People, LikomaIsland, Northern Lake, Malawi

The project aims to benefit the local communities, comprising 10,000 people in Makungwa, Madimba, Mainja and Chinyanya villages. Creation of alternative fuel wood and building material supply for the local communities to relieve pressure on remaining 70 ha of indigenous woodland on the Island. Training in tree propagation, planting and it’s benefits for livelihoods and better conservation of the indigenous forest area of Makungwa Village Forest.

Repeat funding – Church Mission Society (CMS)
Reforestation and Fruit Promotion Project based in Lui, Sudan and Eriba / Mvara, Uganda.

The main project aims are to plant trees in the community, enable production of fruit for families and the market, train students and children in the production, care and importance of trees. Demonstrate techniques on farmland and to try different species of tree for different environments. In Motho, maintain a Nursery to produce trees and fruit trees for the Lui community. In Eriba, NW Uganda, involvement with an orphanage where vulnerable children are supported to stay in the community. A large tract of land to be developed as a demonstration of profitable, environmentally sensitive tree-based farming. Children coming to the centre can learn and plant at home for their communities to see and implement some of the innovations learned. In Mvara, nr Arua, to establish a small nursery to provide grafted fruit trees and other fruit trees to the community.
Repeat funding – Evergreen Centre for Development
Empowering Communities project, east of Mzuzu City, Malawi

This project aims to alleviate poverty among people of Msongwe Community through environmentally friendly schemes, Bee keeping and FruitGarden schemes and train women and youths in these methods. Establishment of a tree nursery, 4 School Environmental Clubs and hold two Environmental open days. In this region, people depend heavily on natural forests for their livelihood, thus charcoal burning, timber making and firewood selling become the main source of living. Overall, the project is expected to benefit 1600 people and aims to raise general awareness of environmental issues.

There’s some additional information at http://internationaltreefoundation.org/new-overseas-projects/ about these projects.


More site updates

We’re constantly tweaking and improving our website to deliver the best user experience when visiting our site. We want our website to accurately show the level of quality we deliver and I think the latest changes have done us justice. It’s slightly more colorful, text has been improved and we’ve massively improved the individual plan pages.

Of course, we’d like to hear what you think. If you have any thoughts just comment below. We will read them!


WHB Introduces Unique Environmental Policy Dealing with Fraudulent Customers

Today, WebHostingBuzz is introducing an innovative environmental policy to deal with customers who fraudulently open accounts and then choose to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau when we fail to open those fraudulent accounts.

Since we are very environmentally conscious as a company, we have decided to use the paper from such complaints as toilet paper.  This allows our company to save money by buying less toilet paper, but also saves the environment by reusing wasted paper. In addition, we have also pledged to make a $100 donation to the International Tree Foundation to apologize to Mother Nature for this cruel abuse of her resources.

The implementation of this policy began yesterday after a long saga with a fraudulent customer which goes back several weeks.  I will include the transcript of the entire ordeal in a text file attached to this post, but here are the basics of what happened:


We’ve Finished Our Migration to the Atlanta NAP Facility

You probably don’t geek out about server technology the way we do, but we’d like to let you know a bit about our hosting environment so you can feel a bit more secure at night knowing your site(s) are being hosting in a good place with good equipment.

We’ve recently migrated much of our business to a colocation facility at Atlanta NAP.  The caged facility in Atlanta, Georgia will house over 1,000 servers.  There are motion detecting IP cameras throughout for maximum security as well as a ten foot razor fence.  HSRP drops throughout provide redundant internet connections should one fail and a redundant paralleled power system ensures the facility will not suffer outages.  Like other servers already used by WebHostingBuzz, the servers at the AtlantaNAP location will have 8 CPU Intel Xeon processors and 8 GB of RAM for  increased performance, and are cooled by Atlanta NAP’s N+1 cooling towers and redundant N+1 pumps.  To  further improve performance, this facility also sits directly on one of Atlanta’s main fiber backbones and is part of a metro ethernet ring based on Extreme Networks 10 gig technology.

Here are the specs of the servers:
Supermicro dual xeon 5410, with a total of 8 CPUS at 2.33ghz
RAID5 1 terabyte hard drives

If you aren’t a hardware geek, no worries, these are very capable servers and we look forward to the performance boost we can offer our customers.


Innovative Uses for the WHB Partner Program

We are very proud of our Partner Program because it gives money back to our customers to promote us rather than to Google or some less-than-honest review site.  The key for it to work is 1.) our ultimate integrity in payouts and 2.) your ability to sell our hosting.  What sort of ways can you use this Partner Program to earn 20% of each sale?

1.) If you are a web professional, refer your clients to the button where you are selling hosting.  Have them buy from that link, and you will earn 20%.  We don’t really care if you publicly display our link (although we’d appreciate it), you just have to have the link hosted on our servers.  What’s nice about this model?  Unlike reseller hosting, you are giving your customers the freedom to maintain their own account.

2.) Design a WHB button geared towards donating to your favorite charity.  Any time someone buys from it, donate your 20%.

3.) Foster support for your open source project by selling hosting on your site.

4.) Set up a button geared towards donating your 20% to a beer fund.  Have a party once you earn a certain amount.

We don’t care what you do with the money or how you get it as long as you aren’t making claims about us that aren’t true.  Promote WebHostingBuzz any way you can and keep your 20%.  We’ll focus on keeping your sites up and giving you the best customer service possible so you won’t have to worry about promoting us.

We give our regards to everyone undergoing rough economic times, and hope this is an added bonus of hosting with WebHostingBuzz.


WebHostingBuzz Will Be Fine in a Credit Crunch

Yesterday, the stock markets tumbled as a result of the rejection of the bank bailout bill.  Although we certainly aren’t happy about this situation, we want you to know that we are an owner operative, cash flow positive company.  We have diversified financial headquarters in both the U.S. and Dubai, so we should have no issues through this financial turmoil.  We will continue to focus on offering you the fastest, most stable, and economical hosting company on the market.

To see our offerings, please check out our website.


September WHB Customer Survey Results

In order to better know our customers, what they were using our services for, and how we are doing as a company, we decided to survey our current WHB customers.  Most of the feedback was good, some of it was rather amusing, but it did give us some direction as to how we can make WebHostingBuzz even better.

What were some of our favorite comments?

“WHB is simply THE best hosting provider I have been using. I have been involved on the internet since 1997, By no comparison, WHB are the BEST on planet earth when it comes to server uptime, prices and packages and an outstanding customer service and support. these are my 2cents and I am sticking to my statement.”

“I have nothing but praises for my host WHB. Simply the best.”

“Web Hosting Buzz totally rocks!”

“I would recommend it to all my friends… if I had any.”

Here are the results.  We have already started to comb over the feedback so as to improve our offerings in the future:

1. I would rate the sales/billing process at WebHostingBuzz as:
Exceptionally quick and straightforward. Good. My problems were solved. Average. Some minor issues here and there. Poor. I dread contacting you. Not noticeable enough to comment.
Sales Support 26.7 % 41.7 % 12.6 % 1.7 % 17.0 %
Billing Support 26.9 % 37.4 % 16.4 % 3.8 % 15.2 %
2. I would rate the technical support at WebHostingBuzz to be
Unnecessary. My site is always up. Quick and very helpful. Capable of solving my problem. A little on the bad side. Pure pain.
HelpDesk support 12.9 % 47.3 % 29.1 % 6.4 % 4.1 %
LiveChat support 27.4 % 34.4 % 27.8 % 5.1 % 5.1 %
3. My preferred method for contacting WebHostingBuzz is:
results pie chart
79.3% HelpDesk (269)
20.6% LiveChat (70)
4. I would rate the speed of my WebHostingBuzz site to be
results pie chart
55.2% Good. I have no complaints. (189)
28.9% It has its moments, but it’s usually pretty good. (99)
8.4% Stellar. (29)
7.3% Slow. A little help, please. (25)
5. I use WebHostingBuzz to host:
results pie chart
42.7% a site composed of custom pages I or someone else built (249)
17.0% a blog (99)
16.1% a site built using a content management system (94)
7.0% View “Other” Answers “Other” Answers
6.5% an application (38)
5.8% a store (34)
4.6% other people’s sites. I’m a reseller. (27)
6. What plan(s) are you currently on?
results pie chart
83.8% Budget (296)
7.6% Reseller (0-20 sites) (27)
3.6% Business Lite ($35 a month) (13)
2.2% Reseller (20+ sites) (8)
1.1% Business Buzz ($55 a month) (4)
1.1% Dedicated Server (4)
0.2% Business Enterprise ($75 a month) (1)

Optional Questions

7. The best CMS on the market today is:
results pie chart
31.5% What is a CMS? (93)
25.0% WordPress (74)
16.9% Other” Answers
16.2% Joomla (48)
8.1% Drupal (24)
2.0% Mambo (6)
8. FOR DEVELOPERS: I program in:
results pie chart
32.4% PHP (97)
27.0% I’m no programmer! (81)
21.7% HTML and CSS (65)
12.7% “Other” Answers
2.3% Java (7)
2.0% Python (6)
1.0% Ruby on Rails (3)
0.6% ASP.NET (2)

Impacts of a Slowed Economy on the Hosting Industry

slow economy hosting With the economy slowing as a result of inflation, it’s hard to say what the impact is on hosting. Web Hosting Unleashed interviewed four key executives at various hosting companies about what impact the

economy has made on their business, and the results varied.

Here’s what WebHostingBuzz COO and resident DJ Matt Russell had to say about the matter:

“With the global economy in tatters and many of the West facing a “credit crisis”, we’ve noticed a number of things:

1. We have far fewer inactive websites. Most websites are there for a purpose, whereas before we’d have many clients signing up just to test out some features.
2. Our international client base is growing fast. The weak dollar makes our plans very attractive to those outside of the U.S.
3. And of course, consumers are more price-savvy as they have less money to spend.

You can read more opinions on the matter at by reading Chris Lloyd’s article in Web Hosting Unleashed.

Here’s a question for our resellers, have you noticed any up or downtowns as a result of the economy?