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Redirect and Park: useful domain functions in cPanel

People often use the terms “park” and “redirect” interchangeably, but they are two different things:

  • Park is a function of a DNS entry, whereby the DNS zone for the “parked” domain resolves to the same location as the original domain (the one to which the parked domain will point.)
  • Redirect is a function of .htaccess, often used for temporary redirection to another location or permanent redirection when moving a site.

Park and Redirect are two methods of having one domain lead to another domain. Each is useful but for different things. It depends upon what you’re trying to do.


With WebHostingBuzz reseller hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated server, there are many options for domain management within cPanel. You are able to use both Park and Redirect, depending upon your needs.


If maindomain.com contains your web site, you can use WHM or CPanel to park parkeddomain.com “on top of” maindomain.com.

Then, when visitors enter parkeddomain.com in their web browsers, they will see the maindomain.com site pages. But, their browsers will still display the domain “parkeddomain.com” in the address/location field.

You may repeat the parking process to park multiple domains all pointing to the same maindomain.com.

Most WHM/CPanel servers are configured to allow parking only to domains on the same server.

Park Example

For example, if the site has a page at maindomain.com/products/glop.htm, when a visitor enters parkeddomain.com in the browser and navigates to the same page, the visitor will see parkeddomain.com/products/ glop.htm in the browser’s address/location field.


With a Redirect, you may point one domain to another domain. Redirect means that a visitor’s browser first resolves to one address and is then sent to another. The visitor enters one domain in the browser, and ends up at a different domain.

Redirect Example

maindomain.com contains the web site. Create a Redirect redirecting extradomain.com to maindomain.com.

Then, when a visitor enters extradomain.com in the browser, the browser will be redirected to maindomain.com and its web site. The browser’s address/location field will show the domain “maindomain.com”.

Manage multiple domains

Park and Redirect are useful tools for managing domains. Multiple domains may be pointed to target web sites, according to your needs and what you want your visitors to see.


Innovative Uses for the WHB Partner Program

We are very proud of our Partner Program because it gives money back to our customers to promote us rather than to Google or some less-than-honest review site.  The key for it to work is 1.) our ultimate integrity in payouts and 2.) your ability to sell our hosting.  What sort of ways can you use this Partner Program to earn 20% of each sale?

1.) If you are a web professional, refer your clients to the button where you are selling hosting.  Have them buy from that link, and you will earn 20%.  We don’t really care if you publicly display our link (although we’d appreciate it), you just have to have the link hosted on our servers.  What’s nice about this model?  Unlike reseller hosting, you are giving your customers the freedom to maintain their own account.

2.) Design a WHB button geared towards donating to your favorite charity.  Any time someone buys from it, donate your 20%.

3.) Foster support for your open source project by selling hosting on your site.

4.) Set up a button geared towards donating your 20% to a beer fund.  Have a party once you earn a certain amount.

We don’t care what you do with the money or how you get it as long as you aren’t making claims about us that aren’t true.  Promote WebHostingBuzz any way you can and keep your 20%.  We’ll focus on keeping your sites up and giving you the best customer service possible so you won’t have to worry about promoting us.

We give our regards to everyone undergoing rough economic times, and hope this is an added bonus of hosting with WebHostingBuzz.


September WHB Customer Survey Results

In order to better know our customers, what they were using our services for, and how we are doing as a company, we decided to survey our current WHB customers.  Most of the feedback was good, some of it was rather amusing, but it did give us some direction as to how we can make WebHostingBuzz even better.

What were some of our favorite comments?

“WHB is simply THE best hosting provider I have been using. I have been involved on the internet since 1997, By no comparison, WHB are the BEST on planet earth when it comes to server uptime, prices and packages and an outstanding customer service and support. these are my 2cents and I am sticking to my statement.”

“I have nothing but praises for my host WHB. Simply the best.”

“Web Hosting Buzz totally rocks!”

“I would recommend it to all my friends… if I had any.”

Here are the results.  We have already started to comb over the feedback so as to improve our offerings in the future:

1. I would rate the sales/billing process at WebHostingBuzz as:
Exceptionally quick and straightforward. Good. My problems were solved. Average. Some minor issues here and there. Poor. I dread contacting you. Not noticeable enough to comment.
Sales Support 26.7 % 41.7 % 12.6 % 1.7 % 17.0 %
Billing Support 26.9 % 37.4 % 16.4 % 3.8 % 15.2 %
2. I would rate the technical support at WebHostingBuzz to be
Unnecessary. My site is always up. Quick and very helpful. Capable of solving my problem. A little on the bad side. Pure pain.
HelpDesk support 12.9 % 47.3 % 29.1 % 6.4 % 4.1 %
LiveChat support 27.4 % 34.4 % 27.8 % 5.1 % 5.1 %
3. My preferred method for contacting WebHostingBuzz is:
results pie chart
79.3% HelpDesk (269)
20.6% LiveChat (70)
4. I would rate the speed of my WebHostingBuzz site to be
results pie chart
55.2% Good. I have no complaints. (189)
28.9% It has its moments, but it’s usually pretty good. (99)
8.4% Stellar. (29)
7.3% Slow. A little help, please. (25)
5. I use WebHostingBuzz to host:
results pie chart
42.7% a site composed of custom pages I or someone else built (249)
17.0% a blog (99)
16.1% a site built using a content management system (94)
7.0% View “Other” Answers “Other” Answers
6.5% an application (38)
5.8% a store (34)
4.6% other people’s sites. I’m a reseller. (27)
6. What plan(s) are you currently on?
results pie chart
83.8% Budget (296)
7.6% Reseller (0-20 sites) (27)
3.6% Business Lite ($35 a month) (13)
2.2% Reseller (20+ sites) (8)
1.1% Business Buzz ($55 a month) (4)
1.1% Dedicated Server (4)
0.2% Business Enterprise ($75 a month) (1)

Optional Questions

7. The best CMS on the market today is:
results pie chart
31.5% What is a CMS? (93)
25.0% WordPress (74)
16.9% Other” Answers
16.2% Joomla (48)
8.1% Drupal (24)
2.0% Mambo (6)
8. FOR DEVELOPERS: I program in:
results pie chart
32.4% PHP (97)
27.0% I’m no programmer! (81)
21.7% HTML and CSS (65)
12.7% “Other” Answers
2.3% Java (7)
2.0% Python (6)
1.0% Ruby on Rails (3)
0.6% ASP.NET (2)