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How much can one really host on an unlimited hosting (shared hosting) plan?

The use of the word “unlimited” is a common one in the web hosting world. These days, almost all web hosts offer at least some “unlimited” features, including disk space, bandwidth, domains, and more. Just like unlimited Internet access and unlimited mobile data plans, there are actually limits. The real difference between limited plans and unlimited plans is that the unlimited plans are undefined.

The limitless expanse of space

When you sign up for a hosting plan that allows for unlimited disk space, you will most likely not run into a problem, even if you use hundreds of gigabytes of space. Typically, hosting companies that offer these unlimited services have a surplus of it available. If they do not, it is truly false advertising. They base their claim of unlimited service on the maximum amount of usage they get from their users. They then make a business decision that even if a user goes over that maximum amount, they will impose any additional charges.

Unlimited, therefore, is more accurately described as “unmetered”. The web host is not measuring how much of the service you use. There is no quota, and you will probably not have a problem unless you are using more than even a dedicated server would typically support. In that case, your host may contact you and offer you some type of other deal. Under no circumstances, however, should your host slap you with additional fees when they have made a promise of “unlimited” space or bandwidth to you.

Unlimited domains

For some services, such as domain hosting, the unlimited amount is limited by other features. In other words, if your account has a 400 GB space limit, such as the Hosting Mini plan offered by WebHostingBuzz, you can only have as many domains hosted as 400 GB will allow, which is more than most customers will ever use.

To put it plainly, even unlimited hosting has its technical limits, but a good web host will not punish you for exceeding their server capacity. They will simply make arrangements to move you to your own server or setup some type of special account in order to keep your website functioning properly.


Is it possible to redirect a wordpress.com domain to another domain modifying DNS configuration?

The scenario goes something like this. You have been using a service like wordpress.com to host your blog and have even assigned a domain name to point to that service. Now, you have moved your blog to a new host with a new domain, but you still want people who access the old domain to somehow wind up at your new site.

Ideally, you want to make it as simple as modifying the DNS, but that may not be the best option. First, you should understand what you can and cannot do with DNS. The main purpose of DNS is to assign names to IP addresses. Your domain, mywebiste.tld, must be associated with the IP address of a server. The primary record responsible for that association is an “A” record.

If you already have a domain pointing to an IP, you can use CNAME to create an alias, but an alias is different from a redirect. Instead of sending users to the new domain, CNAME will use the old domain to view the same site.

Sign showing a move to a new location

The best option is to use your web server to do an actual redirect that nearly all web browsers should recognize. For example, the Apache web server code for a redirect is 301, and it is universally known by web browsers.

You will still need hosting for the old domain, so make sure your new web host will allow you to host multiple domains. Place an .htaccess file in the root document directory, and put the following information in it:

Redirect 301 / http://www.my-new-website.tld/

This will send users to your new website. You should also put an html file in the same directory in case some users are not redirected, for whatever reason. It should just include a brief statement indicating that the site has moved and a link to the new site. This will also be good for any directories or other services that have indexed your site.


What are the security downsides to hosting static third-party content on a subdomain?

Anytime you host content uploaded by a third party, you run the risk of exposing your server to malicious files or even to hackers who exploit weaknesses in a user’s account. One possible way to avoid this situation is to host the third-party content on an entirely separate server. The question is: are there any downsides to this form of content hosting?

The answer can be somewhat complicated. First, it is important to note that simply using a subdomain (such as dave.davessite.tld) does not provide any security by itself, unless the subdomain points to a separate server, separate hosting account, separate VPS, or a content delivery network (CDN). Second, the type of file matters. Scripts, for example, could still potentially cause harm to your primary server even if hosted on the secondary one. True static content, such as images and videos, may be significantly safer.

Using a Content Delivery Network 

Since hosting files on a separate server can be costly and require is own additional maintenance, many website owners may explore the possibility of using a CDN. A content delivery network is a service that specializes in hosting content, especially static content, and distributing it across a global network of servers. In addition to the security benefits, it is potentially faster, more reliable because of the redundancy, and reduces bandwidth costs.

Subdomain Setup

One way to make your content appear as though it is still hosted on your site is to use a subdomain. You can easily setup a subdomain in a hosting control panel, such as cPanel, by editing the DNS for your domain. WebHostingBuzz provides this functionality for all hosting accounts.


September Server Uptime Figures 2008


Below are the Server Uptime Figures for Web Hosting Buzz for the month of September 2008. They have been directly copied from our backend server monitoring system called Nagios.

Shared Hosting Servers

alpha.whbdns.com    100.000%
asteroid.whbdns.com    99.982%
athena.whbdns.com    99.948%
bear.ultrawhb.com    100.000%
business2.whbdns.com    99.916%
cat.whbdns.com    99.896%
cheetah.ultrawhb.com    99.694%
comet.fastwhb.com    100.000%
fish.whbdns.com    99.864%
fox.whbdns.com    99.776%
galaxy.whbdns.com    100.000%
gold.whbdns.com    99.930%
hr1.whbdns.com    99.809%
hr2.whbdns.com    100.000%
hr3.whbdns.com    100.000%
hr4.whbdns.com    100.000%
intense1.intensewhb.com    100.000%
manatee.ultrawhb.com    100.000%
milkyway.whbdns.com    100.000%
moon.whbdns.com    100.000%
panda.ultrawhb.com    100.000%
planet.whbdns.com    100.000%
sd1.whbdns.com    100.000%
shared1.ultrawhb.com    100.000%
shared2.ultrawhb.com    99.234%
shared3.ultrawhb.com    99.759%
shared4.ultrawhb.com    100.000%
shared5.ultrawhb.com    99.932%
shared6.whbdns.com    100.000%
shared7.whbdns.com    100.000%
shared8.whbdns.com    100.000%
shared9.whbdns.com    100.000%
shark.whbdns.com    99.792%
sky.whbdns.com    100.000%
solaris.whbdns.com    99.913%
ss1.webhostingbuzz.com    100.000%
ss2.webhostingbuzz.com    100.000%
ss3.webhostingbuzz.com    100.000%
ss4.webhostingbuzz.com    100.000%
ss5.webhostingbuzz.com    100.000%
star.whbdns.com    100.000%
sun.whbdns.com    98.700%
usa.ultrawhb.com    99.897%
venus.whbdns.com    100.000%
zeus.whbdns.com    99.894%

Average    99.910%

Reseller Hosting Servers

rs1.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs2.whbdns.com    99.741%
rs3.whbdns.com    99.879%
rs4.whbdns.com    99.844%
rs5.whbdns.com    99.977%
rs6.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs7.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs9.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs10.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs11.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs12.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs14.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs15.whbdns.com    99.780%
rs16.whbdns.com    100.000%
rs17.whbdns.com    100.000%

Average    99.948%

Please note that these figures do not include our dedicated server clients. As you can see we had another great month and hope to continue this trend…