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Taking our environmental commitment to the next level – we’ve partnered with the Woodland Trust

Those of you that have followed WebHostingBuzz for some time will know that we take the environment very seriously. We care about the world in which we do business and as a fairly heavy consumer of electricity due to the amount of servers we run, we like to give back and minimize any impact our operations have.

Almost 6 years ago we partnered with the ITF (International Tree Foundation) to sponsor tree planting campaigns across Africa. This partnership ran its course and in recent weeks, we’ve been looking for a new partner to work with to help reduce our environmental impact.

Introducing the Woodland Trust…

Woodland Trust logo


The Woodland Trust is a UK based organization that looks to conserve woods and trees. They also help businesses minimise their impact by allowing businesses to make financial contributions and grants to the good work that they do. And we at WebHostingBuzz have done just that. We’ve joined The Woodland Trust as a corporate member and will be making an annual donation to help the good work that they do.


Why The Woodland Trust?

When we work with an organization, we look for one that shares similar values to us. We don’t just buy carbon credits to make some feeble claim that we’re carbon neutral. Instead, we select a partner carefully that we can work with long-term and work with to promote a greener, environmentally friendly hosting market. The Woodland Trust met all of our selection criteria and further to that, they are headquartered just 20 miles from our UK datacenter.

Our partnership with them means we’ll both be presenting regular news and updates on the good work that our sponsorship is allowing them to do.


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