Email security and anti-spam solution
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What is SpamExperts?

SpamExperts ensures that your network is free of spam, therefore keeping your inbox clean for easy access to the emails important to you

SpamExperts is an email filtering system that scans and filters your incoming emails for any spam including bots. Thus, removing any unsolicited emails before they even get to you. As a result of the high volume of emails processed daily, our system has shown great results with a 99.99% success rate and 100% satisfied customers.

Spam Quarantine

Retains email messages that have been blocked.

Incoming Delivery Queue

All incoming messages will be queued and delivered when you are online.

Domain Statistics

Allows you to revise your income email traffic for a certain time frame.

Filter Settings

Flexibly configure your filtering preferences.

Report Spam

Based on what you mark as spam the system will remember and self-improve.

Protection Reports

Generate reports for your quarantined emails per domain or user.


At any time you will have the ability to whitelist or blacklist a sender or recipient by email address or domain.

Get SpamExperts

Email Spam Filter (Incoming)

$2.99/mo per domain

Email Spam Filter (Outgoing)

$2.99/mo per domain

Email Spam Filter (Incoming & Outgoing)

$4.99/mo per domain

Why SpamExperts?

Given its unique system, SpamExperts, is always self-improving by analyzing your daily email stream. Thereby ensuring that the advanced spam detection mechanisms are always up to date with the latest spammer techniques. SpamExperts learns your preferences by tracking what you consider spam and what is not to further ensure that you are always a step ahead of spam before it reaches your inbox.


SpamExperts is constantly analyzing data gained by its millions of users to ensure the spam prediction mechanisms up to date. All detected patterns are simultaneously shared with clients worldwide ensuring all new threads are neutralized in a timely manner.