Dedicated Server / VPS management options

* Core software services include:

  • Web Server – Apache (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD) / Internet Information Server (Microsoft)
  • Database Server – MySQL (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD/Microsoft)
  • Email Server – Exim, Dovecot, Sendmail (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD)
  • FTP Server – PureFTP, ProFTP (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD)
  • Remote Access Server – OpenSSH (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD) / Microsoft Remote Access (Microsoft)

** Due to the vast amount of different software available on the internet, some of the support for less common software or software with limited documentation, will be “best effort”. This means that we will research the software in question and support it to the best of our ability, but in rare cases we may be unable to configure it to your specific requirements.