Budget-Friendly Web Hosting

  • Ideal for small websites
  • Most cost-efficient
  • Great performance
  • Only $20 per year!

Introducing Super Low-Cost Web Hosting

Our most affordable shared hosting plan. Specially designed for small websites and low-cost projects.

  • Websites
    The number of websites you can add to your hosting account
  • Disk Space
    The total amount of disk space your account can use
  • CPU Usage Limit
    The maximum number of CPU cores your account can use, e.g. 200% means 2 CPU cores
  • Memory Usage Limit
    The total amount of memory (RAM) your account can use
  • I/O Speed Limit
    Maximum disk storage read/write speed your account can use
  • Monthly Bandwidth Limit
  • Inodes Limit
  • Outgoing Emails Limit (per hour)
  • Web Server
    LiteSpeed is generally 5x faster than traditional Apache
  • Control Panel
    LiteSpeed is generally 5x faster than traditional Apache
  • PHP 4.x / 5.x / 7.x
    You can switch PHP versions in hosting control panel
  • MariaDB
    MariaDB is faster and more reliable alternative to MySQL
  • Free SSL Certificate
    We include unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Free migration (cPanel)
  • Incremental backups
  • Yearly Price
  • Biennial Price
  • 1
  • 10 GB HDD
  • 100%
  • 512 MB
  • 2 Mbps
  • 1 000 GB
  • 150 000
  • 100
  • cPanel
  • $24.99
  • $39.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, Starter plan is fully suitable for most popular web applications built with PHP/MySQL.

We don’t support Perl, Python, Node.js, Ruby and PostgreSQL. If you need either of those technologies – check our traditional web hosting plans.

SSH access isn’t available for Starter plan. If you need SSH access – consider getting one of our SSD web hosting plans.

Only yearly and biennial billing cycles are available for Starter plan. Monthly billing cycle is available for all other shared hosting plans.

Don't just take our word for it

93% of our customers rate us as Here is a selection of outstanding reviews from them.

Benedict Arthur
Benedict Arthur
Love WebHostingBuzz's Dedicated Servers
My websites regularly encounter high traffic so I needed a robust server solution that provides enough dedicated resources. I was moving from shared hosting environment and not very technical, but support helped me through the process of getting my server set up, and moved my websites across at no extra charge! A+ service! Server specs are one of the best out there. Thanks!
Positive and pleasantly surprised
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with Webhostingbuzz. Customer support is one of the best I ever saw. Their service is very good and reliable and I did not have high expectations when I started with this company, but it turned out to be one of the best service providers I've ever tried. Before I mostly used services of large and well-known companies, some of them are better some worse, but honestly neither one has fulfilled my expectations, which generally were not anything special. I can recommend Webhostingbuzz to everyone.
Andy Sowards
Andy Sowards
Simple, affordable, powerful hosting
I have been with WebHostingBuzz for 2 years now and I have had zero problems, none, their support is excellent and always on top of things. It leaves me to focus on the important aspects of my business and not worry about whether my site will be up or down. That peace of mind is so valuable. If you need a new host to try out I would recommend WebHostingBuzz in a heartbeat - I've never needed another host since I started using them!
Best in the business!
With top of the line hardware and software, WebHostingBuzz's excellence is secured and maintained with a fantastic support staff. They are friendly, efficient and helpful but, most importantly, they resolve client issues FAST! As a three-account client, they have earned my accolades time and again.
100% uptime
I have used almost every kind of web hosting from shared hosting to bare metal servers from various vendors. WebHostingBuzz is very reliable, scalable and affordable too. So far I haven't faced any downtime, it's 100% uptime.
Emylee Schonhoeft
Emylee Schonhoeft
The best hosting around
I have been with WebHostingBuzz for close to 8 years now. I am very happy with service. I've had shared hosting and now I have VPS hosting, It can't be beat! Uptime is incredible... In fact, my Teamspeak server has been up for 200+ days (last time I had rebooted the server was more than 200 days ago!) . When I need help with my VPS I submit support tickets that get answered within the hour. I recommend WHB to everyone I meet.
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin Zorzini
Best hosting experience I've ever had
I've tested at least 6 hosting companies over the last 10 years and I stick to WebHostingBuzz because they're honest, have a great service and amazing support. I don't need anything else 🙂
Great hosting, great support, love it 🙂
Gabriele and Amr
Gabriele and Amr
Great customer service! We are very satisfied
The VPS customer service is very good, they are kindly and fast for every our needs.
Paul Cowley
Paul Cowley
The support is Fantastic!
To put it simply, you will never be disappointed with WebHostingBuzz. I have never had a problem with them, and they are able to fix and help with everything I ask for. The support is so good I am here writing this review!
Umair Idrees
Umair Idrees
Reseller account is just perfect
Webhostingbuzz is just perfect reseller hosting. Best performance. Serves great. Excellent customer support. You do not have to wait for a long time to get support.
Michael Michelizzi
Michael Michelizzi
Web Hosting Buzz - They are Family
I love WHB its like family. I have been with WHB for over 5 years now and I have seen how much its grown over the years. Some companies change as they get bigger, some for the worst other for the better. WHB has changed they have become even better. There support service is great. They get right back to you day or night. Always quick and fast with fixing a problem. They have stayed true even as they have become so big. I give you guys 5/5 stars and I would never think about switch hosting companies. GO WHB!
James Scott
James ScottExceptional Support.
Extremely knowledgeable, professional and offer support which is 5/5 stars. I must say, they're as equally reliable, friendly and consistent. I trust WebHostingBuzz knowing my business is in good hands. All the best!
Outstanding Customer Support
Quick response, quality service. I'm very satisfied with value for money.
Daniel Chamanchi
Daniel Chamanchi
Long Term commitment
From 2006 we started our online business with WHB till now, during this period we changed our server for one year in several servers in different location in Europe & US but with no satisfaction on support which is the main concern for an online business. WHB provides great supports in any issue and reacts immediately. Recommending this to all my pro friends when they're looking and asking about a great service for hosting.
Daoud Bahaz
Daoud Bahaz
Thank you technical & customer support team
After all the changes, adjustments and transfers occurred in our server I would like to thank all of the WHB team for their assistance. Honestly, they constitute an excellent staff, and just their quick answer to our request gave us satisfaction and made ​​us feel comfortable with their presence at every moment to help. They are wonderful and they offer a sublime model of what should be the support. Thank you all Webhostingbuzz team so much, and keep up the great work!
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy
Great service
Although I find the hosting control panel a little difficult to use, mainly my fault for not being an expert in server control. The support are fantastic and if you are struggling with something they will just go ahead off their own initiative and do it for you.
Dino Gravessi
Dino Gravessi
I've had a great experience with WHB
I've been a customer since the beginning with several shared accounts and a few semi-dedicated accounts. The pricing and support has been awesome for years. I've had a great experience with basically no down-time and a couple mistakes from my end. I also have the benefit of comparing WHB to a couple different hosting companies my work has used over the past couple years. They're WAY more expensive and the support is basically non-existent. I plan on staying with WHB and have suggested to others to try them out.
Johny Banano
Johny Banano
Extremely good, recommended
I've been with WebHostingBuzz for almost a year, and I have not regretted my choice since. Their reliability and speed are extremely good - the site is up every time I check it, almost daily; their Client Area is easy to navigate and they give you cPanel to manage your website; they don't do that "Unlimited" crap - every package has a definite amount of Disk-Space and bandwidth, with a clear list of features. Definitely recommend this host.
James Wright
James Wright
User Friendly
I just signed up for Webhostingbuzz recently. During the sign up process, I found them to be user friendly, helpful, & the sign up process was simple. I like their user interface as well as their price. Very professional.
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