3 Simple Ways to Increase Security Protocols

Security protocols can make a difference at your business.

Posted on 04 May 2022 by Michelle

Protecting your sensitive business or personal information should be a top priority for all IT users. No matter what you rely on your IT systems to do, security is a critical element of keeping everything running smoothly. However, establishing reliable security systems is sometimes another story altogether. Luckily, your IT provider should be able to help you lock down your IT systems with a streamlined security software plan. Furthermore, learning simple ways you can increase your everyday security protocols can make a difference.

 At Web Hosting Buzz, we are here to help! Not only do we provide one of the best security software systems available on the market today for all of our IT plans, but we also have insights into what IT users can do to make their systems secure. Visit our website right now to learn for yourself what we have to offer in reliable security systems. Here are three simple ways to increase security protocols for your IT systems right now!

Beware of Cyberthreats

Before we dive too deeply into what you can do to protect your assets from cyberthreats, let’s learn what you are up against. Cyberthreats can come in many different forms – often where you least expect them. Hackers and scammers have become more adept at finding new ways to infiltrate your IT systems and steal, alter, or destroy data. A cyberattack is defined as an offensive act that targets a computer system through its data, systems, network connections, information, or personal devices. 

Some of the most common cyberthreats include phishing and email scams, password attacks, drive-by scams, SQL injection attacks, malware threats, viral injection hacks, and eavesdropping attacks. However, other threats like man-in-the-middle attacks or cross-site scripting attacks are equally dangerous and prevalent within the IT world. If you are concerned about cyberthreats of any nature, it’s important to report them to your IT provider right away. With the help of their security systems and years of experience, you can avoid a lot of trouble by being proactive when warning signs are flashing. 

What You Can Do

Now that you know some of the most common cyberthreats, it’s important to learn what you can do to increase security protocols for your IT systems. Sharing this information with business partners, employees, and family members is also wise since you might not be the only one using your computer systems daily. As a united and informed front, your IT user team can alleviate the chances of cyberthreats compromising your systems. 

Be prepared with better security protocols today!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Be Wary of Suspicious Activity

First, always be wary of activity that seems suspicious on online platforms. For example, email scams are one of the most common threats to IT users today. They are simple ways for hackers to obtain user information and use it to break into banking and other personal information databases. These are often referred to as phishing scams. 

Luckily, phishing scams are pretty easy to avoid with diligence. A phishing scam email often looks like a legitimate email from a reliable source at first glance. However, key indicators that this is not the case can be found in the email address. If the email address seems off, don’t open the email and report it right away. Second, check for logos when applicable. 

Sometimes scammers pretend to impersonate government agencies to obtain user information through suspicious links or input fields. Never fall for this, especially if a proper identification logo is not present or looks odd. It’s better to be safe than sorry. A real agency will always be able to confirm they sent an email and is not likely to have you directly input information through email, anyway. 

Employ Dual Network Authentication Features

Next, you should consider employing dual network authentication features on all your IT systems. You may already be familiar with dual network login features from email portals and other systems you use online. Many companies are integrating these systems as a standard procedure to protect their customers’ information. Plus, it’s really simple to do and doesn’t take extra investments or time to set up. 

Anyone can get started by deciding where they want to add these extra security login features. Then you simply find a dual network authentication program like Duo or Google verification systems. When you or other users attempt to log in, you will need a second device to confirm your identity. Usually, you can have a code sent via text message or call to your phone or a push notification. Either way, you can quickly protect personal and business information by adding this feature to make it harder for the bad guys to get access to your data. 

Monitor Systems Usage Closely

The final thing you can do to increase security protocols is keeping a better eye on system usage for all IT users. Especially if you are a business owner, this can make a major difference in avoiding dangerous cyberthreats. Make sure that users only have access to the files and IT systems they need in order to limit areas where IT data could be stolen. This makes it easier to detect the source of recent IT issues if they should occur. Lastly, training employees well and changing system passwords when employees leave are wise steps to monitor your systems usage accurately. 

Contact Web Hosting Buzz Today

At Web Hosting Buzz, any IT user can take great strides to protect their systems with better security protocols. Start small by learning the ins and outs of what you can do to stop cyberthreats in their tracks. Web Hosting Buzz has the security systems and knowledge you need to protect your information 24/7. Finally, you can always count on our secure computer systems to lock down your information securely and avoid malicious attacks. Web Hosting Buzz is a great option for any IT user! Contact us today to get started!

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