Why You Really Should Use a VPN in Starbucks

Posted on 04 Nov 2014 by Adam

Many of us regularly use open public Wi-Fi networks such as those in Starbucks, McDonald’s and the like.

However, the truth is, these networks really aren’t secure. Unless you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), that is.

Ever wonder why corporate VPNs exist? If employees are accessing company information and resources outside of the office, it’s very possible that they might be intercepted by hackers who wish to look at this confidential information, and potentially leak it. We use company VPNs to ensure complete confidentiality when dealing with customers via live chat, support tickets, and other communications.

By connecting to the Internet using a VPN, all data sent through the connection is encrypted, meaning others can’t intercept your connection, since all they’ll be able to see is a random mix of characters.

Here’s a quick comparison of Virtual Private Network providers:

Private Internet Access$6.95$39.95 ($3.33/mo)1889+
HideMyAss$11.52$78.66 ($6.55/mo)701
IPVanish$10$77.99 ($6.49/mo)1407-day moneyback guarantee.
One of the fastest VPN providers.
CyberGuard$6.99/$10.99$69.96/$109.92 ($5.83/$9.16/mo)454Free version available.
TorGuard$9.95$59.99300+30-day moneyback guarantee.
IVPN$15$100147-day moneyback guarantee.
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