Why don’t you tell people your customer service is so good?

Posted on 16 Mar 2013 by Matt Russell

It’s a good question. A very good one. And one that we need to answer and improve on as right now we’re doing an injustice to ourselves and our customer facing teams that work every hour under the sun to deliver the service that we do.


Let me take a step back and explain where this question comes from. I’ve just returned from a trip to London where I met some of our clients and attended LinkLove, a SEO/marketing conference that attracts some of the smartest SEO minds around.


I used this trip to also do some networking and meet with WebHostingBuzz clients. On Thursday, I met with Neville Hobson and Andrew Grill. Both are dedicated server clients who run high profile WordPress blogs on a WebHostingBuzz dedicated server. We met at The Hospital Club, one of Andrew’s favorite haunts, for an informal meeting. The agenda was blogging, WordPress, hosting, how they find our service and just a general catch up. We all enjoyed it and agreed to make this a regular event. But I came away from the meeting wondering why we aren’t doing more to promote just how good our service us. I know it’s good – I see the figures, the stats, the response times, the uptime that we deliver – but hearing this in person, verbatim, from two of the most influential bloggers around was extremely endearing.


Fast forward to Friday. Two different clients were attending LinkLove and we decided that we’d meet at the post-event networking session. These clients are ScreamingFrog and Spiral Media. ScreamingFrog are a highly innovative SEO agency (we use them ourselves) who have a managed server in our UK datacentre. Spiral Media build some pretty cool Magento-based e-commerce websites and also have a dedicated server with us. We all chatted over a drink at the post event networking session and almost the very same question came up; “Why don’t you tell people how good your support is?”.


That’s twice in two days. 4 different clients, 2 different datacenter locations. Neville and Andrew have US based servers while ScreamingFrog and Spiral Media have UK based servers. But our same team supports both and all 4 have noted just how good our support and service is. They benefit from and enjoy our sub-20 minute response times.


So let’s move on to actually answering that question and doing something about it. Our new website is a work of art. We spent a lot of time trying to make it a little different from the mundane sites our competitors offer. We tried to focus on that our USP is our service.  We’re under no illusion that we’re not the cheapest web host (nor the most expensive). But it is obvious we need to do more in mentioning that we are the best for customer service. We’re going to be brainstorming this internally but we’re very open to your ideas and suggestions on how we can do this.


I’ll close by noting what we aspire to. What we do, enjoy and what makes us tick. We like nothing more than to help a client grow their website / business and we have an incredible number of success stories. It’s hugely rewarding to watch a client grow from a shared account to a full dedicated server, or in some cases, multiple dedicated servers. Knowing that we’ve helped them along by maintaining their hosting and providing the underlying infrastructure is something we take great pride in.


That’s all folks.


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