Green Web Hosting: We're carbon neutral 

Carbon Neutral Hosting


We were one of the first web hosting companies to develop a green, environmentallyfriendly policy. Back in 2006, we decided that we needed to seriously consider the impact on the environment we had as a power-hungry business. We evaluated and calculated our expected impact on the environment and then we looked at options on how to minimize this.

We decided to sponsor The Woodland Trust, a charity whose focus is on reducing carbon levels throughout the world through a series of tree planting schemes in the developing world. Each year, we make a substantial contribution to the TWT and plant at least double the amount of trees needed to absorb the carbon we produce.

  • We chose to work with a respectable organization like the TWT for a number of reasons:
  • Many of our competitors jumped on the green bandwagon and simply buy carbon credits from for-profit companies. Whether these carbon credits actually benefit the environment at all is questionable.
  • The TWT is a charity. Our sponsorship money is spent directly on tree planting projects and not filling executives wallets. Our sponsorship money buys the seeds and tools needed to cultivate healthy trees in countries around the world.
  • The TWT concentrates it's efforts in the developing world. People in poverty are given shelter and the job of planting and looking after tree plantations. This method helps the neediest, as well as reducing the impact our carbon emissions have on the environment.

Quick Facts

Energy efficient components Over 70% of our office waste Energy saving lighting Air conditioning systems
We use energy efficient components in all of our web servers. These servers use 27% less power than an average server We recycle over 70% of our office waste We use energy saving lighting throughout our offices Our air conditioning systems are approved by the Energy Star board