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The Evolution of Personal Computers Timeline

2013 marks 30 years since the release of the Apple Lisa the first personal computer that featured a graphical user interface.

In a celebration that nerds would be proud of, we have created an interactive timeline of personal computers through the years. You can see this at www.webhostingbuzz.com/evolution-of-computer/. Don’t forget to hover over a computers name to read about it’s impact on the computing world. It’s worth noting that for some reason the timeline runs best in Firefox.

apple lisa

The timeline doesn’t cover every PC ever released but it covers those that were the greatest milestones in the evolution of the PC’s to what they are today.

We found oldcomputers.net to be a fantastic resource when we were researching the timeline and we recommend anyone looking into the history of computers to check it out.

Is your favourite PC missing from the timeline then let us know why it should be included in the comments below (these are powered by Facebook).