Taking my music player on the road

Digipower iPod Navigator

Posted on 05 Jul 2011 by Alan Burns

I have plenty of good music on my iPod, and I have a decent car stereo. I had been seeking a way to combine the two. While many new cars include a port for connecting a music player, my 16-year-old car has no such feature.

I’m very pleased with my choice of the Digipower iPod Navigator. It was a low-risk choice, as I paid about CAD $15 (11 Euro) for mine when on sale (special offer).

The unit plugs into the car’s 12-volt power receptacle, which in my car’s case is the cigarette lighter. It securely holds and charges the music player, and transmits the music to the car’s FM radio. The padded sides of the holder adjust to fit larger music players and narrow ones such as my iPod Nano.

This model has four preset FM frequencies. The idea is to pick the one that has the least amount of signal intruding on it from local radio stations. Other than occasional low-level interference when in highly congested radio areas such as a major city, this gizmo works very well.

One consumer reviewer said he had used several much more expensive Belkin and Monster brand transmitters, but they “all broke during cold Canadian weather use”. I’ve left this one in the car during bitterly cold Canadian winter weather without any problem.

It’s great to have my iPod playing through my car stereo. The fact that it’s an inexpensive brand that does the job is music to my wallet.

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