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Secure webmail access via SSL

In my article Secure your web hosting account logins I recommended that you use an SSL (https) connection to login to your account. Logically, my same reasoning for better security also applies to using webmail.

For secure access to cPanel webmail, use: https://domain.com:2096
That will take you to the same webmail client selection screen I described in an earlier post, but with this URL your access will be secure under SSL.

If you wish to directly access a particular cPanel webmail client via SSL, use these URLS:

  • Horde: https://domain.com:2096/horde/
  • RoundCube: https://domain.com:2096/3rdparty/roundcube/
  • SquirrelMail: https://domain.com:2096/3rdparty/squirrelmail/

In my next article, I’ll explain how you can more easily access those URLs using sub-domains.